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CNN – 5 African food bloggers you need to start following now

“Freedes could never be classed as a shy food blogger…”

Global Voices Online – 10 dishes from Sub-Saharan Africa everyone needs to try

“Freedes shares a scrumptious recipe from Botswana in video, seswaa”

The Guardian – Ghanaian groundnut soup

“That’s the beauty of the Guardian Africa network.” – Guardian reader’s comment

The African Economist – 10 Africa’s Food Blogs of 2013

“10 of our favourite for this year (2013)”

Lohi’s Creations – Around the web | African food blogs Part 2

“I have known this blog for a long time and I visit it regularly! She has such a vibrant personality in her videos (yes she does videos) and is such fun to watch.”

The African Pot Nutrition (TAPN) – 8 African Dishes You Have To Try (and recipes to help you along)….

“It is hard to determine which is the star of this dish, Biltong or peanut butter.”

The Guardian – Seswaa recipe from Botswana

“Freedes blogs at My Burnt Orange and is writing her first Afro Cosmopolitan Diet book”

The Guardian – Biltong stew, pleased to meat you

“Biltong can be so much more than the strips of air-dried carnivore-bait we all know and love”

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