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My Weightloss Testimonial For A Healthier, Better Me in 2022

Before and after weightloss

Happy new year, though a bit late! I posted a photo on my personal Instagram account and got surprised by the response. It inspired me to post about my weightloss testimonial and how I got to a healthier, better me in 2022.

I took this photo just a few days ago then I gace a weightloss testimonial on my Instagram feed. What people noticed the most was my abs. I did not even realize they were getting as defined as they are today. This journey started in January 2021, after I decided to wean my fourth baby and get into shape in time for my fortieth birthday.

What started as a rush to look good by my 40th changed my life. I lost 12 kg in 4 months and this is how it happened.

1. Walking As Exercise

I started walking a little every day. Before I knew it, I had more energy and was light on my feet. So it became a habit. I would put on my headphones and listen to podcasts or learn something new. I even did meetings while stepping it up.

2. Getting Some Me Time

Before I knew it my walks became my me time and a place of solace and re-balancing because… life has its challenges and I needed to be my best self regardless.

3. Intermittent Fasting and Support for It

I joined a support group set up by my friend Neo which was my first intro to intermittent fasting. I did 2 meals a day on most days and 1 meal a day when I felt I could.

4. Leg Workouts, One Step At a Time

As I grew stronger and lighter I incorporated leg exercises while walking. I haved shared those on my Instagram Reels.

5. Take Every Opportunity

If my then one-year-old wasn’t sleeping, I stopped getting mad at him. I would put him in the stroller or on my back, and go for bonus walks which helped him fall back to sleep. So I got extra steps in and my baby went back to sleep: win-win. I find this is the benefit of getting a walk tracking app or Fitbit.

6. Walking Just As Natural As Breathing, Eating, Sleeping

When we get sick, naturally we may sleep less (or more), or eat less if our appetite is affected. With walking, I started to think of it as a very natural everyday thing. In reality, it is exactly that. I did not even have to change into gym clothes. All I had to do was get out. And that is what I did. Sometimes it was for 5 minutes. Sometimes for 10. It didn’t matter, so far as I had my mind set, I started walking. 5 minutes would turn into 10, 10 minutes would move into 20. Just 5 more minutes, just 5 more minutes would go on and on until an hour had passed. And I was enjoying it. When I got sick, I would still take walks, very slow ones, so far as it felt comfortable. I did this, even a few steps a day when I was sick and sickness did not linger.

7. Walked Pain Out

I did this in spite of pain at the top of my feet which existed for 6 months without a solution. It was weird. Investigation after investigation brought no results. So I decided to ignore it. It was strange. So far as I kept moving, the pain was not tthere. So I walked and walked until one day, I realised the pain disappeared. Up till today I don’t know what that was all about but we ruled out everything that it could have been. I also started taking vitamins to strengthen my bones and joints.

In hindsight, I thought about an actual time I had fractured a metatarsal. I was still breastfeeding my third baby in 2015. I put two and two togther and figured out that my body was probably screaming for calcium and Vitamin D. So perhaps this is a lesson in taking your vitamins.

8. Set a Minimum Step Target

When I started walking I had small goals. First was to hit 5000 steps a day or 3km. Before I knew it and once I had my Fitbit I realised that I covered 3000 steps a day without even trying. Just my daily routine of buyinmg groceries, cooking or walking about the house were enough to reach 2 to 3 km. So in actual fact I only needed an additional 2000 steps, which could be covered in 10 to 15 minutes. So I set new targets. Next was 6000 steps, then 7500 and eventually my consistent 10000 steps a day minimum. I started at 150km per month in walking and throughout the year went to a 200km average, sometimes hitting 300km every month.

9. Continued with New Good Habits

The weight loss tapered off by about 6 months in but walking felt so good so I carried on.

Here I am a year later.

Consistency is key.

Closing Thoughts On My Weightloss Testimonial

I took a step at a time to change my life in the most unexpected way. Walking felt so good and I had no excuses, flip flops or trainers, I could get out and walk for a bit. I felt light on my feet and soon had bursts of energy. I felt great. It benefitted me in so many ways, not just physically but mentally too. With my head phones on I could improve myself by listening to a positive podcast or lesson. And I lost 12kg to boot, and kept it off. Now it seems I have gained abs with their own persona. Thank you for reading my weightloss testimonial.

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