20 Fall-Themed Decorating Ideas

I have been spending more time on Pinterest of late, and because of this, I have come up with 20 fall-themed decorating ideas. Pinterest is full of inspiration and with a little help, you could transform your space into a sanctuary of upliftment. Let’s face it, this year has been different, and we could all use a little bit of color to cheer us up right now. Go on and create your own happiness.

I can’t believe July came and went, and now August is in full swing. That means my favorite season is around the corner. It also means school is about to start. Be still my beating heart. I barely survived online schooling my kids for 2 months. Now it looks like we are in it for the long haul.

But without further ado, I will get into sharing some of my favourite picks so you can get that fall look in your own home.

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1. Fall Wreaths For Your Front Door

Imagine having nowhere to go, but you still have to dash out to the grocery store. Wouldn’t this light up your spirit as you got home?

2. Fruity Fall Candles For The Table Top

Fill your senses with sensational aromas and a warming ambience with a candle. Go for it, there are so many options, even plain orange candles will do. And they will go perfectly as a centrepiece with the next item.

3. Wood Tray For A Fall Centre Piece

Check out our Burnt Orange Pinterest board and you will see all you need for a wood tray like this are a few acorns, maybe a foam pumpkin and a candle or two. Give it a try.

4. Planters For A Pumpkin Strewn Porch

I am such an Autumn soul, really I am. Can you imagine filling these with some greenery, bright orange flowers like marigolds or tulips. It’s beautiful.

5. Rustic Galvanised Steel Storage Bins

These are multipurpose. Use them as bins or side tables, tiny candle consoles, whatever you like. I can’t resist how rustic they are.

6. Funky Fall Ottoman

I would find space in my home for this even if I find it hard to mark my territory at home. But I have succeeded in making myself a little reading corner in my living room. The space is mine, and it seems quiet, even in the chaos of 4 kids or more playing in the background.

7. A Little Fall Themed Accent Chair

And this orange chair would go nicely in that corner, or elsewhere. Perhaps just to break up the monotony of white or mahogany furniture. And even if you don’t need it for yourself, it makes a delightful gift.

8. Blessings Of Harvest Pillow Covers

There is no better time than the present to count your blessings and set yourself reminders to remain in that head space.

9. Orange Blossom Candles

The only thing we love more than orange candles are orange blossom candles. they remind me of my childhood in Botswana. We had orange trees at home and the fragrance of the blossoms before the fruit matured was beyond amazing.

10. Le Creuset Salt Shakers

I count the number of toys and children’s outfits I can buy every time I look at a Le Creuset cooking set yet. But I would take these salt shakers any day. Yes, I would.

11. Faux Fur Throw

Nothing says comfort more than a throw, a book, a cup of tea… or wine, candles in the background and some light music.

12. Solar Lantern For The Porch

I love the idea of candle lit porch lanterns but I have seen too much shattered glass for comfort. Here is a safer solar alternative.

13. An Even Better Door Wreath

This berry wreath reminds me of Ashanti pepper. it gives me a few ideas, I can’t wait to try.

14. Fall Banner Set

If you have no time to get creative these banners can do it all for you.

15. Wooden Crates

I am completely obsessed with wooden crates that I have had some made for my bakery business. They are useful for carrying things to bazaars. And I even use them as towel bins in our guest bathroom. These are so adorable.

16. Fall and Thanksgiving Boxes

You might want to use these to pimp up your porch or make a tree out or boxes. It is entirely up to you. They also make great organisers.

17. A little Lumbar Pillow Cover

I don’t know what it is about pillows and throws but this pillow case gives my ideas for sprucing up my bedroom, reading corner, or just about anywhere I can think of.

18. Cute Light Foam Pumpkins

I really do want to buy a whole stack of pumpkins sometimes, but feel guilty about playing with food only to throw it out. That and all the geckos and other creatures that might enjoy them. Either way these foam pumpkins are a very cute alternative.

19. Rustic White Patio Stool

This is not really fall themed or orange but I find it simply irresistible. You could always give it a fresh lick of paint in the colour of your choice, but why go to so much work when this item is absolutely perfect just the way it is?

20. Just To Give Thanks

Finally, gratitude is the general theme of the day in my life. It gives me the right attitude I need to get through any difficult situation. Having several reminders of that around the house is not a bad thing. I couldn’t be more grateful right now.

There are so many more things I wish I could share with you here today within our 20 Fall themed decorating ideas. But I am sure there will be other opportunities to do this. It was great fun pulling this list together and I really hope you have enjoyed what has been curated for you.

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