Fresh seasons, new reasons

We are 13 days into the New Year and we at casa du burnt orange can proudly say that for the past week, our home has well and truly been tidier than usual. (oooh, I wonder how long that will last?) On a sensible note though, I think we come into the New Year getting rid of the old and coming up with the new and improved.


This is a good thing!!!!!!!! This year, I want to be a bit more thoughtful about how I live, making sure things are put away and if there is no room to put them away, then make room and a place for everything! Ta da!

I definitely want to be more thoughtful about how to spend money, not that I am a serial shopper, but I just want a little bit more from my purchases. I also want to do something that matters, something that makes a difference to community whether it is in my local Balham community or the one that is very far away; yet never leaves my heart. Fancy a fruit bowl with a twist? Hand woven and filled with fresh fruit from the Balham Farmers Market.

With so many good intentions in this world, I struggle to find a way to do it all. Life goes on and when I started tidying up and putting things away, I realised that there were a few gems sitting right under my nose. Now if you have read our about page, you will find that we do a bit of work with ethical businesses. What is this about? Paying artists and handicraft makers fair wages for the beautiful work they do. It is not charity.

In very simple terms, there are some brave women out there who make things work when there is no one else to help. Their story inspires me, it truly does. To cut a long story short, Ida (read her story here) met women in East Africa who used the work of their hands to feed and educate their children. Problem? Solution. Problem? Solution. These women help themselves get out of poverty at will, not by charity or mercy, but by becoming producers of products that add value to their communities; at will. Behind the scenes, we like to help them to do just that by telling people about it. I really dig these burnt orange table mats.

Now this is not a sales pitch, just a story to inspire you and show you how thoughtful your spending can be for everyday things in your home.

If you would like to get a hold of items like the above featured, please get in touch. If you have any questions or comments, you are always welcome.

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