Enter My Burnt Orange

Welcome to My Burnt Orange. This is a blog  intended to celebrate a few of our favourite things that are bound to warm your heart. Browse through My Burnt Orange for some inspiration from the colourful photos taken of dishes and various food markets to some visual arrangements which could inspire your home and lifestyle.

This is a blog about food and leading an ethically conscious and wholesome lifestyle! We love topics that promote the empowerment of women for development. We celebrate sustainable and ethical products, handcrafted to perfection by African based co-ops. We want to add a bit of happiness into your lives so whether you need new ideas for a dinner party, want a touch of colour in your living room or would simply like to indulge in a new beauty and relaxation regime, My Burnt Orange is here to inspire you.

My Burnt Orange will also give you ideas on how to relax and have a good time whether it is by enjoying your favourite glass of wine or getting right down to meditating and rejuvenating yourself with some quiet time. And while you are relaxing, indulge in some of natures purest beauty products, raw and ready to be moulded into anything you would like it to be.

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