Food for thought: Be inspired

I have come to realise that in life, you need to be bold enough to place a bet on yourself, especially when no one else seems interested in your capabilities, in your story, in you; they just don’t get you. Too often we keep looking at other’s fortunes, opportunities given to the “golden girl/boy” and wonder, “Why them and not me?” and we are left discouraged by the fact that no one else believes in us enough to take us under their wings.

If you believe in something, DO IT!!!!!!! You do not need permission from anyone else, especially if the desire in your heart and your talents have been planted by the most High. You will soon come to realise that such is the position of great leaders. Their paths to their great achievements is often on the roads less travelled, the narrow path, the unpopular, and if you like, the less sexy. It is a very lonely walk when no one else is doing it but you. But… that’s why leaders are called leaders, right? Slowly but surely, others will begin to follow, because you have paved the way.

Xoxo… Freedes

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    June 3, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Very inspirational read, thanks! 🙂

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