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2014 has been an incredible, incredible year!


Hi friends. It has been a while. An extremely long while. When I went on a 2 month hiatus in 2013, I thought that would be the longest absence I would have from My Burnt Orange. I was so wrong! But do you know what? It is all because I have finally found the courage to admit that there is only one of me and there is a lot of work to do to bring African cuisine to the forefront of the great foods of the world.

So, I thought I would explain what I have been up to whilst I have been away.


1. I have been writing
Primarily for Africancuisine.about.com over the past 8 months and counting. It has been such an incredible journey and honour to work with About.com but I have to admit it has stretched me in ways I have not known before. I have been learning about the real world of publishing great content and building an incredible expert site and technical internet business things I have never encountered before. And I have loved the growth I have experienced on both a personal and professional food writing level. But I have to admit, balance is a meaningful thing we all need to strive to achieve.

2. I have been Instagramming
And must admit it has been so much easier to take a photo and post it with a few words plus recipe, that would get fed directly to my Tumblr site… especially when time is short.

3. I have been cooking
Because sometimes one has to eat.


4. I have been working
I have a full time job and as much as I would like to fantasise about cooking and writing all day, that income, alongside that of my loving beau, is what puts food on the table, a roof over our heads and clothes on our adorable little daughters. To top it off I believe my career and profession is so important as a woman in engineering that I have travelled to other cities just to share with girls about engineering. I have also lent my spare time and expertise to charity work and fundraising.

5. I have been doing homework…
With my 5 year old. We grow, we learn, we relive our best years where we had no cares in the world through our children. But most importantly we educate them and teach them how to read and write and nothing could be more important than imparting the power to dream into the heart and mind of a child.


6. I have been parenting
Yes indeed, I have. And playing with my 2 kids.


7. I have been a 22 day vegan
And when I look back at all the food I discovered and prepared and photographed and shared on a daily basis, I often wonder if I was half insane during that time because I have no idea where all that time and energy came from… No, seriously, I don’t.

8. I have written about Jamie Oliver
And #jollofgate due to his jollof rice. And got noticed by a South African online newspaper blog which you can read more about in the next point.

9. I have written for Africanvoices, the Mail and Guardian online blog on a topic that hits close to home because it involves little children like my own.

10. I have well and truly lived and just loved it.

I just want you to know my dear readers, that I am still here despite the fact that I have done all these crazy things and more….


Oh gosh! I even interviewed Bryant Terry!!!!!

And so I think 2014 has just been incredible for me and I look forward to the awesomeness in store for 2015.

Happy New Year and may God richly bless you with joy, health and happiness.


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