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Creating atmosphere

Would you really like to add something special to the atmosphere of your home? Start with your imagination.

It is Friday night, it is raining and you are having a night in. You may be by yourself or you may have invited friends over for dinner. What could you possibly do to liven up the atmosphere in your home? A fire would be nice, but that is one luxury we cannot all have.

Turn on some music. Something smoothe. Try some jazz for a change. Listen to the soundtrack of What Women Want and just allow yourself to relax and unwind. If you are feeling the love, you could always try some smooth jazz or afrobeats. Now, turn on the lights!

These hand-made lamps from Zimbabwe have always done the trick for a few of our friends. They are not complicated, just very cleverly made from an old piece of plastic pipe with a lightbulb stuck inside.

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