Looking East: My Thai Cooking Experience


Thai Culinary Arts

A few years ago, in the days when I could not go a whole year without returning to my beloved Melbourne, Australia, my home for 6 years, we stopped over in Thailand for a few days of R&R to break up the 24 hour journey south.

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It was a thrilling trip, from para gliding over the sea, being whizzed around Bangkok in a tuk tuk, to scooting around Pattaya on our rented scooter.

Not to mention being curious about the whole sensation surrounding how the local women were so good at “ping pong”… errrm… if you catch my drift. The most memorable thing about Thailand for me was of course the food. It took a few days for us to realise that we needed to go to the right places in order to get authentic Thai food, we found much of the food in Pattaya catered to European palates, with nothing remotely Thai about them.

I wanted to learn more about the culture. My solution was to take a bit of Thailand away with me, by indulging in a Thai Culinary Arts course held at my hotel. BLISS!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since then, I have pretty much experimented with a whole range of Asian inspired dishes. I now have a go at cooking Thai, Indian, Vietnamese and Sri Lankan inspired dishes at home. It is all about the spice and fragrance with me. The more I look at the ingredients, the more I realise how similar some of the flavours are to my very own Ghanaian palate.

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