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Adulis Restaurant Review

Our Adulis Restaurant Review will help you assess the menu and service, then decide if it is right for you. I have been to Adulis before, with my sister, Yvonne. In fact the first time we visited was in May 2015. We had an amazing experience that day and we were hoping that our second experience would not only replicate the first but would be even better.

Adulis Eritrean Restaurant
Adulis Restaurant Review


Adulis is an Eritrean Restaurant located in Oval just on the outskirts of Brixton in London’s South East. You can drive there but there is limited parking. Taking an Uber or using the Tube is a better alternative. To get there by Tube, head to Oval Station, which is on the Northern Line. Exit the station and cross Clapham Road, heading towards Brixton Road. Walk slightly right, down Brixton Road. You will find Adulis on the right, at number 44/46 Brixton Road.

Freda & Sister

What To Order Guide

We have been there a couple of times. In addition to the fact Yvonne knows the Eritrean food scene from her Atlanta days, I thought rather than just recount what we ate, I would give you more. This Adulis Restaurant Review is my guide of what you should order at an Eritrean restaurant, at least the first time you go.

Honey Wine
Adulis Mies, Honey Wine

Have Some Honey Wine

We ordered Adulis Mies, the in-house honey wine. This is a must-try for anyone eating out in an Eritrean restaurant for the first time. I also looked at the rest of the wine list at Adulis I must say I am quite impressed with their offering. More so the fact that most of their wines are from South Africa. I am all about African food and wine in this space but I love all foods.

Kirchat Dish
Kirchat for Two

The Food You Can Expect

We ordered a range of vegetable and meat dishes served on to of injera, the massive soured pancakes ubiquitous with Eritrean and Ethiopian food. On top of this, you will get a mixture of stews called tsebhi. The Ethiopian versions are called wat or wot. When presented as shown in the photo, this is known as kirchat on the menu. We tried the meat and vegetable kirchat for two from the menu. This is what I would highly recommend for newbies as it really is a taster dish.

Kitfo Dish

If you eat beef, try kitfo. My dear sister, Yvonne, being the seasoned Eritrean food gastronomer told me that I just had to order kitfo. It is a sort of minced beef tartar with loads of herbs, butter, and paprika.

How Do We Rate The Service?

Yvonne and I have been to Adulis before. This visit was our second time. We ordered the exact same meal items as we did the first time we went. The only difference here was the type of service we got from the waiter. I definitely liked the waiter we had first time around.

What Was Different?

The first time around, when we expressed our desire for kitfo to the waiter. No problem, he spoke to the chef and substituted one of the toppings from our kirchat with kitfo. So we had the best of both worlds. Second time around we had a different waiter (sadly). He not only told us that this is NEVER done, but he also did not bother to take our kitfo order. The guy just could not understand how much we wanted it despite the fact that we would have added it separately. After much persuasion, he eventually got the message and our kitfo came. Kitfo is to die for, it is almost the only thing you should not leave without tasting, absolutely delicious.

Kirchat Dish
Meat and Veg Kirchat for Two

Our Verdict

Our experience as a whole was quite fantastic and the restaurant had a nice quiet atmosphere. The service is good and the food comes out quicker than expected. Their food is great and as I mentioned before, making an order where you can taste a little bit of everything is the way to go. You will definitely get a little taste of Africa going to Adulis.

You can visit their website here to check out their menu or make reservations.

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