Balham Cake Off 3: Cakes for kids

Cookie Cousins round 3 cake

Cookie Cousins round 3 cake

Round 3 of @TrinityStores Balham cake off was the most colourful event yet. I walked in and was totally blown away by all the smarties, rainbows and even swimming pools???????????

So I humbly set out my 4 cupcakes, hung my head low thinking, “I don’t stand a chance with my 20 minute decorations. I thought we were supposed to be amateur bakers people!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Charlies Angel Cakes

Charlies Angel Cakes

I almost died when I saw round 1 winner Charlies Angel Cakes entry. Oh my gosh, was that a swimming pool or pond or something? It was totally amazing.


But just look at how delightful all the entries were.

They all would have put a smile on any child’s face :).

How cute were these zoo animal cup cakes?

And smarties were a definite trend for all you haute cakey followers out there.

Sadly, there was another casualty. Poor Sharon’s cakes did not make it into the coffee shop as they fell over in her car on the way there. But they looked amazing and original with the ice cream cones and flakes. The kids would have gone mad for them. They were very beautiful Sharon :).

The icing on these ones were just calling out my name! Yummage!

The gingerbread men and cake lollies were so unique!

This was by far the prettiest round yet, everything looked amazing and I give quadruple thumbs up to all the bakes this week.

Thank God the judges had a look at my arrangement first. My heart sank even lower as they cut the cakes for tasting. My sweet ladybirds were completely pulverized and got seriously ugly with it!

Much to my surprise…. I actually won round 3 as a joint winner with last round’s champ, Cookie Cousins (still a big secret how she got the colour balls into her cake). Winning was a terribly good feeling indeed, and even if I hadn’t won, I am still extremely proud of setting myself this challenge and having a go.

Look, I even went on to make an acceptance speech for laughs!

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    September 30, 2012 at 10:55 pm

    very inspirational… it just shows how sometimes we can give up right on the verge of our victory bcoz our ‘thing’ seems not to be good enough!! well done love! Pre-booking that cook-book!

    • Reply
      October 1, 2012 at 9:41 pm

      Never give up. Thank you my darling, very encouraging, but yes, September was a month that taught me, “Never give up”.

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