That time of the year came round again… you know… that time where deadlines are looming, the midnight oil burns as you cram for dear life to make it through an exam… and the adrenaline… yes… the adrenaline that makes your body operate at

“6.5 quindecillion novemdecillion percent . . . [or alternatively expressed by] 65 followed by 107 zeros’”

performance, which is pretty much the same as Zimbabwe’s reported 2008 inflation rate (Hodzi et al, 2012).

So anyway, that busy super stressful however enlightening season came as girl continues to get an education. Except, I was trying to do it with a baby tucked under my armpit. What? I tell you, working towards several missed deadlines when little madam, who is an exceptional sleeper, decides it is party time at that very moment when you really need to sleep, or when she needs to sleep so you can defer sleep to meet a deadline and then get some sleep….

So, it has been a hectic, yet rewarding journey as I feel I am learning exactly what I set out to learn. It isn’t over yet though. I am in the final and most important stretch and at times it feels as if the task is just insurmountable. And believe me, I am not making a mountain out of a molehill, this stuff is serious.

But I digress. I have not posted in a while, and this is why. Now you know. I love you, keep visiting, keep the love coming because it keeps me working on a beautiful thing.

Let’s cook. 😉


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