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Cashew and Avocado Cream


I made a courgette and potato soup for lunch today and to serve it, I thought rather than just sprinkle over a few nuts to pack a protein punch (it’s a vegan before 6pm day for me today) I would cream up some cashew nuts and put a couple of dollops on top of my soup. I had half an avocado so I scooped a tablespoon or two of it to put into the cashew cream. Not that I needed it any richer, but why not? Afterall I have refrained for grabbing the double cream!

Cashews are naturally sweet and I have used unsalted, oven roasted cashews. I do not season the cream with salt or anything else, but you are welcome to do so.


A tiny handful of unsalted cashew nuts (I would rather make just enough as I go as opposed to a large batch)
1 to 2 tablepoons of water
2 to 3 tablespoons of scooped up avocado (optional)


1. Add the cashews into a cup. Top up with the water and avocado.
2. Blitz and dollop.

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