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7 Day Challenge: Healthy Meal Plan Part 1

Fruit n' cereal
Fish and chips?

Fish and chips?

I went for my 7 day healthy eating challenge this week, followed my winning strategies and just can’t wait to see the final results because one of the HUGE benefits is the chance to lose weight! I was mostly happy with how things went this week, I ate to my heart’s content and was always prepared with some hunger busting snacks. Remember, this is not a fad or starvation diet but a lifestyle choice and you will not feel like you are dieting. Here’s a quick recap.


Fruit n' cereal

Fruit n’ cereal

I started the day with 2 weetabix biscuits and 150ml semi skim milk topped with a tub of fat-free yoghurt, activia! I had salad for lunch and because the British winter is not far away, I warmed up with some cuppa soup. A fabulous tip. Beef up your salad with some baby potatoes and prosciutto or smoked salmon… or just stick with boiled eggs. For dinner I made a quick and simple prawn risotto with reduced fat cheese and served it with a generous helping of fresh salad, at least 1 third of my plate. I add turmeric to my risotto to make it a little more exciting for little people.

Tuesday’s menu was a blast with fruit and cereal for breakfast, a light lunch of Quorn ham (mycoprotein) and cheese sandwich made with 2 slices of 30% reduced fat cheese, a treat of Cadbury’s hot chocolate from a sachet, apple for a healthy snack and dinner was an amazing “fish and chips?”… grilled potatoes and cod fillet with a side of crunchy salad warmed up with green beans, all dressed with a Thai inspired dressing consisting of basil leaves, lime juice, Thai fish sauce, chilli, teeny weeny bit of sesame seed oil, and a little bit of honey. Tip for your potatoes is to use low calorie cooking spray before putting par boiled potatoes in a hot oven.
Halfway through the week I had corn flakes with 150ml semi skim milk, nectarine for mid morning snack, a salmon (sushi/sashimi lovers) rice sandwich from Itsu and… a heart warming vegetarian lasagna made with Quorn mince and courgettes topped with 30% reduced fat cheese. Get your loved ones eating vegetarian once a week by substituting with Quorn mince, my mister had it twice without realising he has been eating vegetarian. We don’t need meat all the time!
Quorn lasagne

Quorn lasagne

Stay tuned for part 2.

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