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7 Day Challenge: Healthy Meal Plan Part 2

Welcome back to the 7 day challenge meal plan. If you missed part 1, see our previous post.
Chilli baby abergine and okra stew

Chilli baby abergine and okra stew

That was a busy work day for me but I managed to stick with my plan and adjust it to suit my lifestyle. I had 2 weetabix , fat-free activia yoghurt and 150ml semi skim milk, noodles from Wasabi (perhaps not best choice for maximising effort), apple and bananas for snacks and couscous with chilli okra and baby aubergine stew.
Milk tip: 150ml of full fat milk is the recommended daily amount, 250ml semi skimmed milk per day or more for other lower fat milk. Watch milk in tea, coffee and other hot drinks.
Fruit for breakfast at my desk

Fruit for breakfast at my desk

I had fruit (cantaloupe melon, blueberries and red grapes) for a refreshing breakfast, fat-free yoghurt for mid morning snack, jacket potato with cheese, baked beans and salad for lunch, a cookie and chicken veggie stir fry with rice for dinner!
I had fruit for breakfast with some Muller Light fat-free yoghurt. Lunch was scrambled egg, sautéed mushrooms and onions with 2 slices of bread and rice with stir fry chicken veggies. I did not have a lot of fresh fruit or veggie that day, ideally I would have 5 portions of fruit or veg a day.
A bread tip: Buy the 400 gram loaves of spread, they have been made specifically to give you just the right portion size.
Delightful Salad

Delightful Salad

Simple. Corn flakes, 200ml 1% fat milk, the new orange caps found in Sainsbury’s people, salad for lunch and baked salmon with roast pumpkin and veggies for dinner.
It’s a wrap!

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