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Red salad



Rainbow food series – Red



4 plum tomatoes (and a handful of pretty cherry toms)
1 red bell pepper or 2 really small ones
50g sun blushed tomatoes
1/2 red onion
50g feta stuffed peppers (do not be fooled, they are hot!)
a handful of horseradish, sliced
50g pitted olives
50g buffalo mozzarella
50g goats cheese
salt and cracked pepper to taste
a dash of lemon juice and zest
a swig of olive oil
a bunch of fresh basil leaves


1. Chop the plum tomatoes into half, then quarter each half. Leave the cherry tomatoes whole. Throw into a salad bowl.

2. Slice the red bell peppers and onion lengthwise. Slice the horseradish to make cute circles. Add to the bowl along with the sun blush tomatoes, olives and stuffed peppers.

3. Slice the goats cheese and mozarella into 1 or 2 cm cubes. Add to the bowl.

4. Add salt and pepper to taste. Go easy on the salt as most of these ingredients are already so flavoursome.

5. Throw in the basil leaves whole and dress with the juice of half a lemon, zest and a splash of olive oil.

Enjoy as a complete “no carb” (but not low fat) meal or mix with pasta for a lovely full meal.

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