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Only a couple of years ago I would have never imagined a plate full of fibre rich and nutritious vegetables and fruit (avocado anyone?) as a meal. And I am enjoying myself.

Just the other day I was a little peckish between breakfast and lunch, as any breastfeeding mom would ;). I went for a slice of toast with peanut butter with a cup of tea. As I prepared it, I reflected upon my vegan challenge last year (wow, a year already). I had got so creative with plant based foods last year and it inspired me to turn my toast and peanut butter snack into a toast and peanut butter topped with banana, raisins and prunes deluxe snack. It went down quite nicely with my tea and kept me satisfied for hours, which is so important for anyone facing a day so hectic that they don’t know when they will get a chance to sit down and eat a proper meal.


The following day, I felt like having an earthy, healthy lunch. I went for a sweet potato topped with my home made baba ghanoush, a smokey dip similar to hummus, made with flame roasted aubergines, tahini, garlic, lemon juice and cumin. It was not a heavy lunch at all, in fact some may say a little on the light side for a breastfeeding mom but it was so quick to prepare and eat and dare I say had I not thrown it together I probably would not have had the chance to eat at all. It was the perfect lunch for me and it kept me going for hours until I had a chance to sit down for my dinner.

Since my vegan challenge, I now have no problem eating plant based foods throughout the day or simply incorporating them into my diet as and when I desire. It doesn’t make me a vegan, it just means I am progressively learning to eat a variety of foods and mix things up a little in a way that “Meatless Mondays” or “Vegan before 6” does.

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